BBA LLB (Hons)


B.B.A., LL.B. (Honours) Programme


        KSLU’s Law School offers integrated honours programme in in Business Administration (B.B.A.) with bachelor of law programme to achieve managerial excellence combined with in depth knowledge about law, which is in accordance with the pursuit of its goal to promote  integrated knowledge, and it integrates into stipulated five years. The programme gives the  students ample opportunities and choice; whether it be litigation, academia, entrepreneurship, international private or public law practice, corporate practice, civil services, alternative dispute resolution including arbitration and mediation, and the opportunity to work with international non-profit organizations

       In this course law subjects are studied in conjunction with business administration subjects such as Business Environment, Financial Accounting, Principles and Practice of Management, Quantitative Techniques Entrepreneurship Development, International Business, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Financial Services, Marketing management, Production and Operations Management and Business Communication. This course is designed, keeping in mind the emerging needs of the fast growing economy of India.


Eligibility Criteria for Admission


       An applicant who has successfully completed Pre-University Course or Senior Secondary School course ('+2') or equivalent such as (11+1, 'A' level in Senior School Leaving Certificate Course) from a recognized University of India or outside or from Senior Secondary Board or equivalent, constituted or recognized by the Union or by the State Government or from any equivalent institution from a foreign country recognized by the government of that country for the purpose of issue of qualifying certificate on successful completion of the course, may apply for and be admitted into the course.

       Candidate who have appeared for Pre-University Examination and are awaiting results may also appear for the Admission Test. But, such candidates will be admitted to the Five Year B.B.A., LL.B.(Hons.) Programmes only after fulfilling the conditions stipulated in these Regulations, and other conditions which the University may prescribe from time to time.

         Minimum percentage of marks in qualifying examination shall not be below 45% (44.5% and above shall be treated as 45%) of total marks in case of general category applicants and 40% (39.5% and above shall be treated as 40%) of total marks in case of SC and ST applicants.

       Maximum age for seeking admission is limited to twenty years in case of general category of applicants and to twenty two years in the case of applicants from SC, ST and other backward communities.



Programme Outcomes

  1. Knowledge of law: A professional should be thorough with the fundamentals of law and also be acquainted with the latest developments in the areas of specialization and should have abilities to apply the knowledge to solve problems of society and to advise institutions and also individuals. Intellectual input is the essence of this autonomous profession.
  2. Professional Ethics: A law graduate should have a solid foundation of professional ethics in order to be part of the noble profession.
  3. Knowledge of basic social sciences: Law is multi-disciplinary. A knowledge of interplay of various disciplines is essential for a law graduate.
  4. Knowledge of procedures and processes: This aspect is very important for the legal profession to be fruitful. The channels of remedy and the procedure to obtain the remedy should be known to a graduate.
  5. Social relevance of law: Law is an instrument of social change; to bring about the desired social change, one has to study law in social relevance.
  6. Knowledge of public affairs: A law graduate should be thoroughly acquainted with the knowledge of public affairs in order to discharge the obligations of the independent profession.
  7. Abilities required of an effective professional.
    1. Research and reasoning skills
    2. Understanding public affairs
    3. Problem solving
    4. Drafting, including commercial drafting
  8. A graduate should be market ready. He should be in a position to deliver services as an advocate, administrator, corporate employee, facilitator of ADRs, etc.


Social Responsibility: A lawyer should be an active citizen first. He should provide leadership to the society when it is at the crossroads.


Programme Specific Outcomes


  1. Conduct sustained, independent research on a self-defined topic with limited supervision
  2. Critically evaluate and assess complex areas of legal knowledge within a wider social, economic, political, historical, philosophical, ethical, cultural and environmental context
  3. Critically assess law reform proposals and present alternatives Present critical arguments, drawing on both doctrinal and policy-based perspectives from a wide range of sources, in both written and oral form
  4. Apply legal knowledge to complex problem situations and offer potential solutions within a simulated professional context
  5. Define, sustain and critically reflect upon their own learning and practical/professional skills development as autonomous learners



Sl. No.





Law of Contract (General Principles)


Legal Methods


Business Environment


Principles and Practices of Management


Kanoonu Kannada/ Kannada Kali



Special Contract


Law of Torts including MV Accidents and Consumer Protection Law


Financial Accounting


Marketing Management


Business Communication



Family Law-I (Hindu Law)


Law of Property


Human Resources Management – Industrial Relations



Entrepreneurship Development






Family Law-II (Mohammedan Law and Indian Succession Act)


Opt-I: Human Rights Law and Practice/Insurance Law


Production & Operation Management


Financial Services


International Business



Constitutional Law-I


Criminal Law-I :Indian Penal Code


Hons-I : IPR-I


Opt-II: Media and Law/Penology and Victimology


Business Statistics




Constitutional Law-II


Administrative Law


Hons-II : Information Technology Law




Financial Management




Environmental Law


Labour and Industrial Law-I


Criminal Law-II : Criminal Procedure Code




Company Law


Clinical Course-I : Professional Ethics



Public International Law


Labour and Industrial Law-II


Hons-IV : Land Laws


Hons-V : International Organizations


Opt-III: Banking Law/Right to Information


Clinical Course II : Alternative Dispute Resolution System



CPC and Limitation Act




Hon-VI: Women and Law


Hons-VII: Interpretation of Statutes and Principles of Legislation


Opt-IV: Competition Law/Health Law


Clinical Course-III: Drafting Pleading and Conveyance



Law of Evidence


Hons-VIII : Private International Law


Opt-V: Comparative Constitutions/White Collar Crimes


Opt-VI: Offences against Child and Juvenile Offences/General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade


Clinical Course-IV: Moot Court Exercises and Internship


B.B.A.  Syllabus


Syllabus of  B.B.A., LL.B.(Hons.) Programme


Regulation Governing B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.)Programme      









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