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Criterion 6

6.1 Vision and  Mission Administrative Set Up 


2. KSLU Act 2009

3. The Karnataka Civil Services Rules


6.1.2 Effective leadership is reflected in various institutional practices such as decentralization and participative management


6.4.2 Grants Recived from Government and non-Government Bodies

Annual Reports Highlighting Teachers Achievements

Empowerment of Teaching and Administrative staff of KSLU

Programmes  Attended by Teachers

6.2-Effective Deployment of Strategic Plan

6.2.1-Leadership and Management

Strategic Plan N Deployment Docs

6.2.2 Institution Implements e-governance in its areas of  operations are Screenshots Supporting Documents

1. E Governance Screenshots

2. Enterprise Resource Planning  and Budget Copy

E Governance Screenshots

ERP N Budget Copy

6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies

1. Empowerment of Teaching and Administrative staff of KSLU

Empowerment of Teaching and Administrative staff of KSLU

6.3.3 Percentage of teachers undergoing online face-to-face Faculty Development Programmes

2. Programmes Attended by Teachers

3. Annual Reports Highlighting Teachers Achivements

Faculty Develpment Programes Reports

6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization

6.4.1-Donations for Cash Prize and Endowments 

6.4.2-Funds Grants received from government and non-government bodies during the last five years for development and maintenance of infrastructure 


6.4.2 Grants Reived from Government and Non-Government Bodies




6.4.2 Grants Reived from Government and Non-Government Bodies


6.4.3 Institution regularly conducts internal and external financial audits Reports


6.5-All Programs by KSLU 


6.5.1.a-All Programs of KSLU Law School 

6.5.1.b-IQAC Meetings

6.5.1.c-IQAC Works report


1.Learning  and Program  Outcomes

IQAC  Intiative Programs

IQAC Meetings

Learning and Program  Outcomes

Uniforms for Students

6.5.2 Institution has adopted the following for  Quality assurance

6.5.2.a-AAA Report  and  Action Taken Report 

6.5.2-b-Quality Certification

6.5.2.C-Gender Audit Report


1.Quality Audits

2. Orientations

3. IQAC Initiatives

4. Mou's


6.5.3 Incremental improvements made for the preceding five years with regard to quality

IQAC action taken after first cycle

NAAC first cycle peer team report

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