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Criterion 5

5.1 Student Support

5.1.1. Scholarship/Freeships provided by Government 

5.1.1.a-self attested list of students

5.1.1.b-Government Sanctioned Scholarship Letter

5.1.1.b.i-Government Sanctioned Scholarship Letter 18-19 

5.1.1.b.ii-Government  Sanctioned Scholarship Letter 19-20 

5.1.1.b.iii-Government Sanctioned Scholarship Letter 20-21

5.1.1.b.iv-Government Sanctioned Scholarship Letter 21-22 

5.1.1.b.v-Government Sanctioned Scholarship Letter 22-23

5.1.1.c-Cash Book of Disbursement of Scholarship

5.1.2. Career Counseling and Guidance for Competitive Examinations

5.1.2.a-Career Guidance

5.1.2.a.i-career guidance 2018-19 

5.1.2.a.ii-Career guidance 2019-20 

5.1.2.a.iii-Career guidance 2920-21 

5.1.2.a.iv-Career guidance 2021-22  

5.1.2.a.v-Career guidance 2022-23

5.1.2.b-Additional information 

5.1.3. Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement Initiatives undertaken by KSLU

5.1.3. a-soft skill

5.1.3.b-Languag communication and advocacy skill

5.1.3.c-life skill

5.1.3.d-use of tecnology in legal process 

5.1.3.e-additional Information


5.1.4- The Intitution Adopts the the following for redessal of student Grievances including sexual harassment and        ragging cases 


5.1.4.a-Policies with zero tolarance 

5.1.4.b-Offline student grievances

5.1.4.c-Implementation of statutory regulatory bodies

5.1.4.d-Details of Anti-ragging Committee & ICC

5.1.4.e-Annual Report of Anti-ragging Committee & ICC






5.2  Student Progression 

5.2.1- Average percentage of students qualifying in state/national level examinations during the last 5 years Deatils of Students qualifying in State,National Level Examinations Additional Information

5.2.2- Average percentage of  placement of outgoing students during the last 5 years's for placements for outgoing students(Additional information) Placement offer letters of  outgoing students placed year-wise during the last five years

5.2.3- Percentage of students enrolled with State Bar Council Bar Council Registration Certificats Bar Council Enrollment Numbers

5.2.4- Percentage of Recently Graguated Students Who have progressed to higher education Proof of Progression to Higher Education Additional Information

5.3 Student Participation and Activities

5.3.1- Number of awards/medals won by students for outstanding performance in sports/cultural/moot court, ect... E-Copies of Award Letters and Certificates Additional Inforamtion

5.3.2- Presence of Stiudent Council and its Activities for Institutional Development and student welfare

5.3.2- Additional Information

5.3.3- Average Number of Sports and Cultural Events /Competitions/Youth parliaments organised by KSLU

5.3.3.a-Details of Sports competitions 

5.3.3.b-Details of Cultural Events 

5.3.3.c-Details of academic fest

5.3.3.d-Details of club activities 

5.3.3.e-Circulars of the Events

5.3.3.f-List of the studets participated in the events 

5.3.3.g-Additional Information 

5.3.3.h-Additional Information Additional Information Report of the Sports, Culltural Events and Competitions organized by the Institutions


5.4 Alumni Engagement 

5.4.1- The Alumni Association contributions for the development of KSLU 

5.4.1- Additional Information on Alumni Engagement

5.4.2- Additional Information

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