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Criterion 1

1.1- Curriculum Design and Development 

1.1.1.a- Law School Brochure

1.1.1.b- Brochures of Law School from 2018-23 

1.1.1.c- PO and COs of 2 year LL.M. Programmes

1.1.1.d- PO and COs of Hons. Programmes



1.1.2.  BOS, AC and Syndicate

1.2.1.A- LL.M BOS and other details 

1.2.1.B- LL.B BOS Proceedings 



1.2.1.a- UG BOS 


1.2.1.a- Add on BOS 


1.2.1.a- Circular on introduction of Kannada Kali Course to Hons. Courses

1.2.1.b- Syndicate proceedings on English-Kannada Kali subject approval

1.2.1.c- BOS Proceedings on Revision  and introduction of syllabus

1.2.1.d- PG BOS on revision of syllabus of One year LL.M 

1.2.1.e- Circular on introduction of new courses 



1.2.1.a- BOS, AC and Syndicate on introduction of 2 yr LL.M.

1.2.1.b- Circular on introduction of Land law in Hons. courses

1.2.1.c- BOS, AC and Syndicate Approval

1.2.1.d- Circular on introduction of Kannada-kannadakali to LL.B. Course 



1.2.1.a- Change of Syllabus of Law of Torts

1.2.1.b- Change of Syllabus of Law of Torts to Hons. Courses

1.2.1.c- Syndicate approval for Para Legal certificate course syllabus 

1.2.1.d- BOS Proceedings



1.2.1.a- Syndicate Proceeding on change of Ph.D. Ordinance

1.2.1.b- BOS on upgrading of syllabus to comply with NEP

1.2.1.c- UG BOS

1.2.1.d- UG BOS

1.2.1.e- PG BOS

1.2.1.f- Office Note

 1.1.3. Syllabus of all courses

1. Kannada
2. Kannada Kali (2) 
3. History-1
4. Political Science-1
5. Legal Methods
6. Women and Law
7. History-2
8. Political Science-2
9. Economics-1
10. Sociology-1
11. Land Laws
12. Political Science-3
13. Sociology-2
14. Economics-2
15. English
16. Media and Law
17. Economics -3
18. Sociology-3, Psychology
19. History-3
20. Law of Torts including MV Accidents
21. Information Technology
22. Law of Contract (General Principles)
23. Constitutional Law-I
24. Family Law -I 
25. Criminal Law-I 
26. Law of Property
27. Special Contract
28. Constitutional Law-II
29. Family Law- II
30. Administrative Law
31. Judicial power and judicial process
32. Environmental Law
33. Labour Law-I
34. Criminal Law- II
35. Jurisprudence
36. Company Law
37. Professional Ethics
38. Public International Law
39. Human Rights Law and Practice
40. Insurance Law
41. Banking Law
42. Right to information
43. ADR
44. International Organisations
45. Labour Law-II
46. CPC and Limitation Act
47. IPR
48. Penology, Victimology
49. Competition Law
50. Health Law
51. Interpretation of Statutes
52. Drafting pleading 
53. Taxation
54. Law of Evidence 
55. Comparative Constitution
56. White Collar Crimes
57. Offences against Child and Juvenile Offences
58. General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs 
59. Private International Law
60. Moot Court Exercises and Internship
61. Business Environment
62. Principles and Practice of Management
63. Production and Operations Management
64. Business Communication
65. Financial Accounting 
66. Marketing Management
67. Entrepreneurship  Development
68. Human Resource Management
69. Quantitative tech
70. Financial Marketing
71. Financial Services
72. International Business (2)
73. Law and Social Transformation
74. Constitution- New Challenges
75. Legal Theory 
76. Legal Education and Research Methodology 
77. Judicial and Legislative Process
78. Legal Concepts
79. Conceptual Study of Industrial and Intellectual Property 
80. Law of Patents
81. Law of Trademarks
82. Law of Copyrights
83. Law of Designs, IC, GI and CI
84. IPR and Plant Varieties
85. IPR and Biodiversity 
86. IPR and Information Technology 
87. IPR Human Rights and Environment 
88. Dissertation
89. Constitution- Theory and Practice 
90. Public Utilities Law 
91. Union-state financial Relations 
92. Constitutionalism Pluralism & Federalism 
93. Law and Administration 
94. National Security, Public Order
95. Law relating to Writs 
96. Mass media Law
97. Panchayathraj Institutions
98. Crime  criminology
99. Penology treatment of offenders
100. Privileged class Deviance
101. Drug addiction criminal Juvenile
102. Juvenile deliquency 
103. Collective Violence and Criminal Justice
104. Comparative criminal Justice system 
105. Victim and criminal Justice system
106. Crimes affecting security
107. Research Methodology
108. Comparative Public Law 
109. Law & Justice in globalised world 
110. Fundamental rights and directive principles
111. Centre state relations & constitutional Governance
112. Local Self government 
113. Administrative Law (LL.M) 
114. Media and Law(LL.M) 
115. Education Law
116. Company Law (LL.M)
117. Banking and Insurance Law 
118. Competition Law (LL.M) 
119. Laws on securities & FM 
120. International Trade Law
121. Intellectual Property Law(LL.M)
122. Business Statistics 
123. History(Major-I)
124. Political Science(Minor-I)
125. History (Major 2) (2) 
126. Economics(Minor 2-1) 
127. Political Science(Minor I-2) 
128. History(Major-3) 
129. Economics(Minor-2) 
130. History(Major- 4) 
131. Economics (Mior 2-3) 
132. Political Science (Minor 1-3) 
134. IPR-I 
135. History(Major-6) 
136. IPR-II 
137. Kanoonu Kannada 

1.3.2. Value Added Courses

1.3.2.a- BOS Proceedings on value added course

1.3.2.b- BOS and Syllabus of Value Added Course on English 

1.3.2.c- Brochures of VAC


1.3.4. Moot and Internship

1.3.4.a- Moot Certificates

1.3.4.b- Internship certificates of 5th Year B.A., LL. B.(Hons.)

1.3.4.c- Internship Certificates of 5th Year B.B.A., LL. B.(Hons.)

1.3.4.d- Internship certificates of 4 Year B.B.A., LL.B.

1.3.4.e- Internship certificates of 4 Year B.A., LL.B.

1.3.4.f- Internship certificates of 3 Year B.B.A., LL.B.

1.3.4.g- Internship certificates of 3 Year B.A., LL.B.

1.3.4.h- Internship certificates of 2nd Year B.B.A., LL.B.

1.3.4.i- Internship certificates of 2 Year B.A., LL.B.

1.3.4.j- Internship certificates of 1st Year B.B.A., LL.B.

1.3.4.k- Internship certificates of 1st Year B.A., LL.B. 

1.3.4.l- List of students who had undergone training   


1.4.2. Feedback Reports

1.4.2.a- Feedback Analysis  Report   2020

1.4.2.b- Feedback Analysis  Report   2021

1.4.2.c- Feedback Analysis  Report   2022



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